This is great! If you want to know where I stand on most issues, this lay it all out on the line. Thank you, Chris, for saying it so simply. I don’t know why I could never put it into such simple terms…

The Country I Want to Live In


Not scrapping art and music for sports programs

You’d think this was a no brainer. I don’t understand why the reality is that if the school is having budget problems art and music are the first to go. This makes absolutely no sense to me. There’s not much education in learning how to throw a ball around and make a goal. There is vast knowledge to be gained in learning about music. Not just how to play notes, but about the instruments themselves and music theory. Art is a whole new world. What a better way to express yourself and schools can teach students how to fine tune there skills.

Justice over revenge

I don’t care what your views are on the death penalty. The only thing that gives me my conviction that there shouldn’t be a death penalty is the fact that there are numerous death row inmates who have been let out of prison after it was found that the DNA evidence against them wasn’t even their DNA. Aside from that, sometimes prisoners become reformed and killing them doesn’t reallly do anyone any good after that. Like in the case of Karla Faye Tucker. A woman in Texas who was accused of a double murder and went on to start a ministry in the prison and became a born again Christian. She wasn’t asking to be released from jail, only to be saved from death. She wasn’t given clemency and was put to death. Guess who was governor of her state that refused to grant her clemency? Yup, George Bush.

Governor Faces Tough Dilemma

Freedom–A word to believe in, not just a word to say to make people think patriotic thoughts.

We are not free if the government censors our programs. We are not free if they can listen to your private converstation on the phone without a warrant. We are not free if you can’t choose to marry whomever you want just because people are uncomfortable with the fact that it happens to be someone of the same gender as you. We are not free if you can be pulled off the street and into a secret prison just because you have been determined an enemy of the state and they won’t even tell you why. (If I stop posting blogs, you’ll know what happened to me.)