In my last post, The REAL Cost of the Iraq War ,it was brought to your attention what kinds of things the money that has been thrown away on the war could be used to finance. Here’s something new to add to the list:

Wind Would Power 20% of America for Cost of Four Months in Iraq

Right now, wind supplies about one percent of US electricity.

The most welcome news all week? America could ramp that up to 20% by 2030 for an investment of just $43 billion, the DOE has found in a new eye-popping report.

What a bargain when you consider that the US will spend around $12 billion each month in Iraq in 2008.

For less than four months at that price, the nation could secure the future of its booming wind energy industry, help end its dependence on foreign oil and support a half a million jobs.

Spread that investment over several years, and it looks like a no-brainer for America.

The best part? The DOE claims that the four major obstacles to the 20% wind scenario — transmission, siting, manufacturing and technology — can all be overcome.