So i haven’t posted any new blogs in quite awhile. I must admit, rather hesitantly, that I’m having trouble staying focused.

The truth is I have so many things that I want to bring to people’s attention but I’m having trouble doing so in a constructive, informative way. I feel that my blogs tend to go on an outraged rant sometimes. I have likened myself to a blubbering fool who can’t find the words to make people understand what I’m trying to get across and in the process I turn people away.

I’m also, admittingly, very frustrated.  I sometimes get the feeling most people don’t care about the topics I post.  Most seem to concentrate more on superficial issues like Obama being to liberal, McCain being too old, headline news, and celebrity fluff.  While those things have their place in discussion topics, I feel that it is every more important for us to focus on the topics that don’t get discussed on the nightly news, in our newspapers, and at the water cooler.

The truth is that there are some very scary things going on and no one seems to care because it all can seem so surreal and, quite frankly, in these fast paced times, no one has the time to really sit and think about what they are being told.  Aside from that, no one cares to think about it because there’s no way any of it could ever be possible.

So hopefully I can find a fluent way to bring you the news you SHOULD be hearing about.  To go beyond the headlines and look deep into what is being talked about could really mean, to ALL of us.

I don’t pretend to be some great writer. I’m not a wannabe journalist. I just want people to open their minds and realize that not everything is black and white. Not everything you read is the whole story and that their are people who have other motives besides what’s doing best for others.