As in my previous post regarding the similarities between the lead up to the Iraq war and the rhetoric going on about a possible war with Iran and a post regarding a statement that Israel could attack Iran by the end of the year, the beating of the war drums is getting louder and louder!

The US and Israel are banging the drums and the rumbling can be heard across the continents. There is even proof that congress approved the use of $400 million of our tax dollars to go ahead with a plan to try to overthrow the Iranian government from the inside.

The Israeli media stated that President Bush “told Israel’s Prime Minister Ehud Olmert that he could not trust America’s intelligence community and preferred to rely on Israeli intelligence.”

That alone says it all. War with Iran will happen whether or not all the intelligence that can be gathered says that Iran is NOT using it’s nuclear program to build weapons. Once again, Bush is going against the intelligence community in order to further his own personal agenda.

The American people are being duped all over again. It’s truly unbelievable.

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