I, like most, used to see the conflict as nothing more than Israel trying to claim it’s “rightful” land. I don’t know why I bought into that. In the past year, I’ve become increasingly interested in finding out what is really going on over there. What I have learned really disturbs me. Please excuse me while I get these thoughts out of my head. I’m sorry if you don’t agree and I’m sure I will get some angry responses. But everyone is entitled to their opinion and mine is now an informed one. Please, if you do not agree don’t send me and angry hate filled comment calling me a terrorist lover or something. Making personal attacks does not prove your point. In fact, it only leads me to think you have no real information to back up your own beliefs other than what you have been led to believe.

My main problem is that we, the United States, are almost fully funding the slaughter and suffering of the Palestinians. A people who did nothing bu live for thousands of years on a piece of land that the Zionists of Judiasm decided they wanted for themselves. Only for themselves.

I understand that they Jewish people have occupied that land before too, but they used to live in coexistance with Muslim Arabs and Christians. Now, after WWII, they decided to ethnically cleanse the area so that only those of Jewish decent and faith can live there. The result? The Palestinians are virtually without a home now. They are suffering untold atrocities. They have very little food, very little water, they are denied access to neighboring cities due to a wall the Israeli’s have built that puts the Berlin wall to shame. If someone needs to get to the hospital, they are not permitted to pass. Children are being denied access to schools.

Lets talk about those children for a moment. The Israeli army goes into Palestinian houses and pulls the family out often beating the children and carting them off to prison where they are tortured, humiliated, and sexually abused.

This is all funded by our tax dollars!

Here we are in a war in which the excuse for it was to remove an evil tyrant from leadership because of how he was treating the people there. We supposedly went there to free the Iraqi people. What about the Palestinians?? Why do we sit by and not only watch what is happening to these people, but we also help provide the financial means for this to be accomplished. Can anyone give me a real rational answer to that?

I now see what is going on in the Middle East in an entirely new light now. I now realize that most of this has to do with Israel and what Israel wants, we give them. We are conditioned to believe that Muslims are evil because they don’t like the Jews and are helping to fund factions such as Hamas and Hezbollah attack Israel. Now I understand that the Arab nations are only trying to help protect the Palestinian people. Far more Palestinians have been killed in the ongoing conflict than Israeli’s. The Israeli army outnumbers those who fight on the side of the Palestinians. Here are some statistics showing the real balance of casualties. You will see that the news we receive out of that area is heavily based on the side Israel. Because we only hear about Israel being attacked we are made to think that Palestine is the monster in all of this.

I also now see why we are threatening Iran and it has absolutely NOTHING to do with nuclear weapons. Many people in the intelligence community know that they are doing nothing more than trying to provide their country with and alternative to oil because they are aware that one day their fields will dry up. They want to replace that energy with nuclear energy and they have every right to do so.

Before anyone responds by saying that Ahmadinejad said he wanted to “wipe Israel off the face of the map” you really ought to do some research on that. What you