The conservatives have been having a field day with Obama’s suggestion that simply inflating our tires properly can solve the problem of our demand for oil and eliminate the need to lift the ban on offshore drilling.

Offshore drilling facts (as stated by President Bush):

If we open up offshore drilling we can start producing 200,000 barrels a day by 2030.

Our current demand is 2 million per day

Those 200,00 barrels that would be produced in 20 years will mostly go to other countries.

Gasoline conservation facts (of which Obama is being ridiculed for):

Properly inflating your tires can save 3% on gas

Reducing idling time (turning your car off if it is idling for a long time, i.e. at the drive through, when you run into the store, sit at the bank drive through) can save 5%

Eliminating unnecessary acceleration can save you almost 20% in gas consumption

Regular car maintenance such as tune up, changing filters, changing the oil can save 4%

So we have the choice of giving the oil companies free reign over our already endangered oceans and risk oil spills killing tens of thousands of birds, fish, marine wildlife and the coral reefs that are a habitat for ocean wildlife and line their pockets with even more money.

Or we can just start to be a bit more conscientious and take it upon ourselves to accept the responsibility of reducing the demand for oil we currently require. It might take some extra effort but in the long run it is much much more worth it.

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