The bottom was written by my mom. My sister and my neice, 3 yrs old, are going through a tough time. We just found out that Jo has Retinoblastoma, a rare tumor that occurs in young children essentially turning their eye into cancer. Unfortunately, Jordyn’s eye was too far gone to be saved and they had to remove it entirely. But the worst is still not over. She still has a surgery or two to go through in order to fix it.

My sister’s insurance isn’t covering all the bills and they are piling up fast and furious. They still have about 4-6 months of doctors visits and a surgery or two to get through. I am asking ANYONE to donate to a site my mom set up for her.

Even if you can only donate a dollar, that’s enough. I swear this isn’t a scam. You can see the pics of my sister and Jordyn on the site and you can also see the same people on my myspace page if you wish to verify that this is for real. My myspace link is

The link to donate is

Also, Jo is doing well. I’ve spoken with her a couple times and she’s in high spirits, but being only almost 3, she doesn’t fully understand what is happening.

All she knows is that she has a really cool “pirate patch”!

If you do chose to donate please post this thread on your page so others can see it also.

Jordyn is the most precious thing in my life and my sister is my closest friend. Everyone is just beside themselves right now over this. I moved from Eugene, OR as soon as I found out that my sister was pregnant. Sometimes I wouldn’t mind moving out of Boise but I would never bring myself to do it because I can’t imagine living anywhere on this Earth without my Jo. I even had the privilege of being a full time baby sitter for Jo so I spent a significant amount of time with her in her first year of life. Watching that little girl grow up has been an experience so wonderful I don’t even have words for it. The most wonderful sound I will ever hear is when she yells “Aunty Anya!” and runs up to me and gives me a huge warm hug and a kiss.

Here’s the story…


I am sending you all a link to my grandbaby, Jordyn, website. Jo has a very rare disease called Retinoblastoma. Only 250 children, under the age of three, get this a year. What it is is a mutation of the genes that make the eyeball cells. The cells mutate and become cancer, which can be life threatening.

Jo went blind in her left eye and had to find a specialist immediately. There is no specialist here in Idaho, so Becky, my daughter, had to take Jo to St Louis Children’s Hospital. On Wed Oct 1st they completely removed her left eyeball. Jo was already blind in that eye and it turned out that 97% of the eyeball itself was cancer.

The eye was donated to the lab that is testing it. This can be hereditary or not. If it is this will change many things for Jo. If they find the gene in both parents then Jo is strongly advised not to have children. It also can occur in the remaining eye. This type of cancer also goes to the brain then skips to the bone marrow. This cancer also opens the door to any form of cancer for Jo throughout her life.

Becky has had to take an indefinite leave of absence from work. In 6 weeks Jo will get her temporary prosthetic eye. In between now and then Jo will see the doctors weekly. Then in 3 months Jo will receive a handmade, by an expert artisan,prosthetic eye.

The good news is that Jo’s optic nerve is still good. This means that they connect the prosthetic eye to the nerve so it will move exactly with the good eye! Amazing. This is a lot of doctor visits and Becky is looking at at least 6 months. Beck is trying to also maintain where she lives in Idaho so when this is over and she comes home she still has a place for her and Jo. We have also found out not all of this is covered on her medical insurance.

Therefore i have made a website with pictures of Becky and Jo asking for everyone’s help. Whatever u can afford to donate and more than once in the upcoming months would be greatly appreciated. Most of you know me and know this isn’t like me to do this but we have no choice.

I appreciate your time and help, as does Becky and Jo!!!!

Thank you ALL and much Love,
Debbie, Becky and best of all my lil Sweet Pea Jordyn Rae Marie
[This part was written by a very old, very dear friend of mine who knows our family and was asking for help from her friends

Please repost this so we can all help this family!! I have never met Jo myself, but I love this family very much. I met Anya on the first day of kindergarten and we were instant friends. Her family is my family. Her mother was like a second mother to me while I was growning up. They are wonderful people and would be more than willing to help someone if they were in a similar position.
Please, please repost this and let’s all pitch in to help baby Jo!!