According to Alisa Miller of Public Radio International, even though we have access to hundreds of media and news sources, we know even less about the world than ever before:

I can’t help but watch everything unfolding right before our eyes. Our government wants to start another war. A continent away things are heating up to the point that the idea of WWIII isn’t just some paranoid idea. People are rioting in their countries because of food shortages. Here in our own country it is becoming increasingly difficult for once financially secure families to “keep up with the Jones'”. Some families must make the difficult decision everyday to put food on the table, pay the electric bill, or fill up the gas tank all while hoping li’l Johnny doesn’t need to see a doctor because they can’t afford to stay healthy.

And then there is the sad fact that something, whatever you think it may or may not be, is happening to our Earth. All you have to do is watch the weather man talking about the “extreme weather patterns” every single day. Floods, fires, tornadoes, and hurricanes are not only increasing in number but also in severity. The oceans and the air are becoming toxic. Landfills are overflowing. All of a sudden “going green” has become a fad. Never mind the fact that scientists have been trying to warn us all of this for decades.

There are two sides to every story and we only ever seem to get one. A very scripted, censored, edited version of how things are really playing out. Whether you watch FOX News, CNN, etc. it’s all biased, all one sided, all severely watered down. I hope to bring you the other side of things that are systematically left out of the evening news. The side that makes it hard to continue through life on auto-pilot. The side that no one is comfortable with.


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