Once again the Main stream media is leaving out a very crucial part of the supposed bee die-off mystery. What they aren’t saying is that organic bees, or bees that aren’t genetically modified; given anti-biotics; or sprayed with pesticides, aren’t dying off at all. Not one colony of organic bees has reported any instances of Collapsed Colony Disorder; CCD.

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The news has been full of stories on honeybee disappearances throughout the U.S. While no one cause for “Colony Collapse Disorder” has been identified, many ideas have been generated; and while no one has the answer yet, everyone can agree that this is an issue with far reaching implications for our species and others.

Reports from the Organic Consumers Association state that bee losses are affecting commercial, and not organic, beekeepers. Commercial beekeepers breed bees to be larger than they would grow in their natural habitats and larger bees create larger holes in beehives. Some theorize that, with these larger holes, mites may more readily enter and infest the hive, which the bees will then abandon. In Minnesota, researchers at the U of M Extension Service Bee Lab think that the massive bee disappearance may be caused by many factors coming to a head for these sensitive creatures. Overuse of pesticides was called out as a death knell to pollinators in Rachel Carson’s “Silent Spring” 40 years ago, and we now use twice as much pesticide on our agricultural land. Combine an abused immune system with more aggressive mites and lots of “electrosmog” messing with an internal sense of direction, and you have one sick honeybee!