Woo-hoo! California is now the second state to allow same-sex marriages. The first state being Massachusettes.

The California supreme court voted 4-3 to strike down two laws banning same-sex marriages.

California Court Affirms Right to Gay Marriage

“In view of the substance and significance of the fundamental constitutional right to form a family relationship,” Chief Justice Ronald M. George wrote of marriage for the majority, “the California Constitution properly must be interpreted to guarantee this basic civil right to all Californians, whether gay or heterosexual, and to same-sex couples as well as to opposite-sex couples.”

It’s not over yet though.

Conservative groups have proposed a new initiative, this one to amend the state constitution, to ban same-sex marriage. If it is allowed onto the ballot and approved by the voters, Thursday’s decision would be overridden.

My two cents? i think people should just get over the fact that gays live among us. Oh my!!! Such horror! Give me a break. I can’t believe that people lose sleep over it.

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Gays being married doesn’t affect anyone. It doesn’t hurt anyone and it sure as hell wouldn’t make my (future) marriage mean anything less. If you truly think that gay people being married threatens the sanctity of your marriage then you don’t have a very strong marriage in the first place.

I think this whole marriage thing is just a very aggressive way for people who don’t agree with homosexuality in the first place to find a way to stick it to ’em. Some people are so bothered by homosexuality and they can’t really do anything about it so they want to take rights away from them. It’s sexism plain and simple. Just like when blacks and women couldn’t vote because they (we) were considered less of a human, they want to take away marriage from gays because it’s the only ammo they have against them.

Get over it and live your life!!