A navy prosecutor in a Guantanamo trial against Salim Hamdan, the “driver” for Osama bin Laden said:

“If they hadn’t shot down the fourth plane it would’ve hit the dome.

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Donald Rumsfeld was also caught saying the plane was shot down at a press conference:

Cheney has been quoted as saying:

Well, I discussed it with the president. Are we prepared to order our aircraft to shoot down these airliners that have been hijacked? He said yes.

Bush said:

That’s a sobering moment, to order your own combat aircraft to shoot down your own civilian aircraft. But it was an easy decision to make, given the–given the fact that we had learned that a commercial aircraft was being used as a weapon. I say easy decision. It was–I didn’t hesitate; let me put it to you that way. I knew what had to be done.

An interview with Condoleeza Rice:

Dr. RICE: There was that horrible time when we wondered if Flight 93 had, indeed, been shot down by an American pilot.

PELLEY: On the orders of the president.

Dr. RICE: Yes.

PELLEY: It is quite possible that those people gave their lives for you.

Dr. RICE: Its entirely possible. In fact, I think it’s probable.

If that is what they did, why lie?? Why did they try to convince us that the plane was intentionally crashed? Most likely it was to further a sense of pride and patriotism. By having us believe that those people gave thier lives for us, we would less reluctant to send our troops to give their lives for us. If they had just come out and said that they shot the plane down, we would forever wonder if they had died in vain.

It also begs the