I wanted to follow up on another post in which a commenter/reader decided to scathe me for liking Obama (which I don’t) simply because I happened to see his point on the tire inflation issue (and just about completely avoided the issue all together).

So, let’s take a deeper look at this. As I said in my last post:

Offshore drilling facts (as stated by President Bush):

If we open up offshore drilling we can start producing 200,000 barrels a day by 2030.

Our current demand is 2 million per day

Those 200,00 barrels that would be produced in 20 years will mostly go to other countries.

Gasoline conservation facts (of which Obama is being ridiculed for):

Properly inflating your tires can save 3% on gas

Reducing idling time (turning your car off if it is idling for a long time, i.e. at the drive through, when you run into the store, sit at the bank drive through) can save 5%

Eliminating unnecessary acceleration can save you almost 20% in gas consumption

Regular car maintenance such as tune up, changing filters, changing the oil can save 4%

So that means that in 10-20 years (a time frame given by many experts in the oil/gas industry that not many seem to dispute) the oil companies (international oil companies) can get about 10% of our current oil demand of about 2 million barrels/day (we all know that will most likely increase though) from offshore drilling. But that’s 10% of our current oil demand. Remember that this oil is owned by international oil companies so therefore, the oil contributes to the global oil demand. This is a far smaller percentage comparatively.

When you translate that into money your talking about maybe a dollar saved per barrel which is only pennies when your talking about gallons of gas. So in 10-20 years (most say by the year 2030) we will be saving a few pennies on gas if we open up offshore drilling today.

Now, let’s look at the benefits of taking personal responsibility for the amount of gas we consume. If we do little things that cost very little and mostly no money at all like properly inflating our tires, changing filters, getting tune-ups, not letting your engine run for long periods at idle, not accelerating too fast (which only save a few seconds time wise when your trying to get somewhere in a hurry) that is about a 20-30% savings on gas (talking about miles per gallon) for the average person. (There’s a whole list of others things to do such as going down long hills on neutral, rolling the windows up at fast speeds, reducing the weight in your car, being in the right gear (even in automatics which most people forget about), and planning your trip more efficiently when running errands.)

I’m not a math wizard or a scientist but I’m smart enough to know that when you compare the two scenario’s it’s obvious that we will save a heck of a lot more money by conserving oil instead of finding an excuse, like offshore drilling, to keep consuming the same amount and even more oil than we currently do.

In Brazil, 90% of their fuel is sugar cane derived ethanol. And it cost half as much. They have plenty of domestic oil to make up for the difference meaning they absolutely have no need for foreign oil. Plus, with all those flex-fuel cars on the road their air is much, much cleaner. I think we should look to them as an example.