Absolutely despicable. No one looks at racism as being anywhere near the norm and it boggles my mind that people can still be so damn ignorant this day in age. But the sad fact is that there are still people who believe that just because your genetic make up makes you produce a different amount of melanin giving you a different skin tone, makes you less of a human being. Well, there’s no genetic reason for people being ignorant, so in my opinion, thinking of ignorant people when it comes to race, sex, etc. as despicable human beings is fully warranted.

I’m sure everyone saw this coming. We have the first black democratic nominee in history and it’s a no brainer that these fools would start coming out of the woodwork. Here are some examples of the vile nature of these people:

Here is a pin that was being passed out at a Texas Convention-

This Obama sock toy was being peddled on http://www.thesockobama.com-

In their “defense” they have admitted to the racist overtone of this doll and have even posted an apology on their website and pulled the image of the Sock Obama. They say that any racism was not intended– I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt. But, seriously? How in the world could you NOT see people getting upset at this?

A bar manager in Georgia made t-shirts with a picture of Curious George and “Obama in ’08” printed on it-

He stated that they shirts weren’t meant to be racist but that he thought the character and Obama look so much alike. Are you freakin’ kididng me?!

I’m sure it will only get worse the closer to election day we come.