The GOP are scared of him. Ron Paul, that is. They can’t figure out why he’s still in the race and why people are still supporting him. As we are told by someone who was present at the time, a few GOPers in the green room of a news station were having a pow-wow about the persistence of not only Ron Paul, but also of his devoted followers. The whined about how his supporters effectively rained on their parade at a convention.

…somehow they got into a discussion of Ron Paul and how his supporters had the nerve, the gall, the cheek to show up at “their” respective Republican State Conventions and practically take over. Each man described to the other how through parliamentary maneuver and outright theft they had recently blocked the Paulistas from embarrassing the GOP by winning “their” delegates to the national convention. They passed these stories back and forth with great gusto and laughter and genuine appreciation for the political skill of the other.

Just as the voice of reason in this green room asks, why the need to cheat to win? Only when you see that you are losing do you feel the need to cheat. Only when you are afraid of losing do you resort to cheating.

Could it be because he’s everything they are supposed to be and aren’t. He’s all about drastically cutting taxes–for EVERYBODY. He wants to see less government involvement in the lives of Americans. He wants to expose the FED for what it really is, an obstacle to true monetary freedom. He’s a true family man. He has no skeletons in his closet. He votes according to his conscience and not along party lines. He speaks his mind and isn’t afraid of being chastised for not being “politically correct”.

He’s put a mirror in from of the face of conservatives, slapped them upside the head and said, “This is what you’ve become. I’m am what your supposed to be.”

Ron Paul is a force to be reckoned with. His true grassroots following has progressed far beyond what anyone could imagine it would. He even has die hard liberals like me supporting him. He doesn’t care about politics. He cares about America and the direction it is headed in. He knows his colleagues are scoffing at him, poking fun at him. He also knows they are scared of him. And he knows why. Something about his message strikes to the heart of some Americans. They see his bravery to stand up against Goliath even at the risk of his own demise. They see that he’s willing to risk everything to be the one politician that many can get behind with all their heart and their soul. He is the one candidate who represents a surprising amount of Americans who have been trying to have their voices heard.

You would have thought I was questioning the Virgin Birth. They turned on “the green room idiot” and patronizingly explained to me how the nomination belonged to McCain now and good soldiers had to rally around the standard bearer.

“Yes, yes,” I said, “But anyone active enough to show up at a State Convention knows that too. So what is driving their activism? If they can’t win, why are they still fighting? Could they be true believers?”

There was an embarrassing silence in the green room.

“Well,” cough, cough, the Senator ventured kindly, “They have tapped into a strain of libertarianism that has been underrepresented in recent years.”

We’ve screamed at the top of our lungs only for the media to press the mute button. Other folks on the hill have heard our screams and willingly put blinders on because what many of us want won’t make them big bucks. We have nothing to offer but our support. That is worthless to them. But not to Ron Paul.

He’s still in this race because he wants to represent the portion of America who has had no one to represent them for so long. We finally do.